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Are you building a New Home in Southeastern NC?
  • Do you have design ideas
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  • We will help you  work thru every aspect of the design process to make your future move as easy as possible!
  • Let us help you make your design ideas become a reality! Give us your project-location and general plan spec's  we can help you put them into perspective!
"Conceptual Sketches"
Upon gathering your basic ideas, plan criteria & lot information, we will either find an existing plan to use as a start-point or sketch a concept drawing incorporating all of those ideas specifically suitable for your lot and particular needs. From these sketches, we will be able to see how the plan relates to the lot views, adjacent neighbors & impervious allowance. This will now act as our start-point, enabling us to communicate about the particulars you have in mind. This conceptual sketch will also give us the rough estimated square footage needed to figure our design contract & deposit to begin the "Preliminary Plans".
"Preliminary Plans"
At this point in the process we are comfortable enough with the conceptual design to proceed forward with converting the sketches into a formal Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawing. This phase will include all (4) exterior elevations & floor plans. To keep things simple & easy to modify at this point, the plans are not fully dimensioned but will have overall exterior dimensions along with room names & sizes, much like you would see when searching for plans in a magazine or on the internet.These plans will be forwarded to the homeowner for Full Preliminary review and discussion.
"Site Planning"
If a Topographical Tree Survey has not yet been ordered, we will be working with a plat map to determine how the design fits on the lot. As part of our services, we can facilitate the ordering of a survey to ensure the appropriate information is applied according to county & subdivision guideline requirements. If a Survey has been completed, we would request an electronic copy for our use in determining the position of the house on the lot, designing a driveway/walkway layout & calculating the impervious square footage.
"Preliminary Revisions"
Upon Full Preliminary Plan review & discussion, the homeowners will have the opportunity to make any necessary revisions. Now is when we want to address any possible options & particular issues that relate to the square footage & structural design. Any major changes should be done at this stage to avoid costly modifications further into the design process.
"Preliminary Bid"
The plans are now ready to go out to builder(s) for ballpark Pricing. Along with the Full Preliminary we will include the site plan, impervious calculations & the homeowners "wish list". This "wish list" is a key item, as it gives a written account of the specific finish materials selected or desired by the homeowners, which will never become a permanent part of the building plans. 3D Designs Inc. is on hold during this phase of the process & until the homeowners are ready to proceed forward with Finalizing the plans or making any additional revisions based upon pricing or builder suggestion.
"Plan Finalization"
When the homeowners have approved the preliminary design & have no further revisions to make, the plans are ready to be finalized. Typically a builder has been selected & a start date for construction has been estimated. During this phase, we will complete the detailing of all exterior elevations, fully dimension the floor plans, develop the perimeter of the foundation, set up the structural sheets for engineering & layout the roof design. Once all of our work has been completed the plans are ready to be sent to our structural engineer for review & seal.
"Site Plan Seal"
During the finalizing phase of the designs we will also be putting the finishing touches on the site plan. This includes drainage lines, elevation heights of the finished floor, garage slab & all of the perimeter corners of the house. Upon completion, this site plan will then be sent back to the surveyor to be reviewed, sealed & signed for subdivision submittal & county approval.
"Structural Engineering Seal"
Finalized plans are sent electronically to our structural engineer for review & seal. This work will be completed in CAD & returned to us in a pdf format, which will take approximately 2-3 weeks. While this work is being conducted, our Finalized version of the plans will be available for Subdivision ACC submittal.
"Final Engineered Sets"
Upon completion of the Structural Engineering and Review Board approval, the final sets will be run and distributed to both the homeowner & builder for permitting & commencement of construction.
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